Tuesday, October 30

my {Freebies} - perfect wildcards for you

Hello, I made these cards for my own self reminder and I am sharing it with you as well. You can download the file here. You can print them and frame them individually or simple make them as cards. Everyday I love to remind myself these words. I should say I live by these words. 

Being positive is very important I guess. I rather be alone instead of being in the wrong crowd to begin with. I don't like to compare myself with others and the same goes with others too. I usually will retrieve my self far away from the situation when there are a lot of comparing is happening. I met some people who loves to compare them selves with others or even myself. They compare about many things. It could be things that they achieved in life, things that they have in life or outstanding things that they have. I am not sure what is the purpose of doing all these.It is probably just to make them feel better by lifting up them selves and putting down other people. Unfortunately it did not work for me. I will just get tired listening to the long winded words that have no direction what so ever, because they don't have impact on me. Sometimes it can be worse for me when the times are wasted just to listen to all these. I usually will just go away and try to avoid any future conversation anymore. I rather be at home doing my creative works, reading or simply enjoying updating my blogs. So yeah! I hardly join up social mingling because of this. I never enjoy gossip either, I think they are simply nuisance.

Others can easily misunderstand me because of this. They think I am arrogant or not willing to mix up with other in social setting. For me that is okay. Everyone is entitled with their own opinion, at the end of the day I am in charge for my own self. I guess this also come with age, the older we are the more preserve we are with things around us in life. We are getting wiser and we know our selves way much better comparing to before. We don't need everything and all anymore, we are very selective on what we need in life. The simple it gets, the better it would be. It is easy to manage and stress free. I also realize, I have done more self reflection as I get older too. I do that through praying, doing my journal, my arts, reading or simply writing on this blog. I look deep inside myself and find out what kind of person I am .... It is peaceful this way. 

I don't share my problems with other too. My husband is my best friend. I share most of my problem, worries in life, hopes, dream everything with him. Now it is even better, my daughter starts to grow up and she can relate better in conversation. I enjoy talking to her about many things. I think we are very close, we share the same interest in life, that is why our discussion is always rich and meaningful. So really! I got everything I need in life at home .... home is my root.

I do enjoy the meaningful conversation that discuss about ideas, inspiration or general social issues. Something very light and still giving space for each other for privacy especially. I refrain discussion that imply to personal matters, and I do avoid comparison on discussion. I keep my conversation simple and dandy. I can not afford all the times just to chat around in social setting, once a while is GOOD for me especially over a good cup of coffee for sure.

To close this post ... check out this wonderful song by Michael Buble. The song is just beautiful ... I love it. They said he never be able to perform this song on stage, this song just makes him sad and can bring tears on his eyes. If you listen to the meaning and relate deeper to your heart ... you really know what he means by that. Oh well ... enjoy the song !

and this is the lyric ....

End Of May

Golden haze,
Another morning feels like yesterday.
End of may..
Now you're gone and there's still bills to pay.
And you know it doesn't help to make believe, you're sitting next to me.
It doesn't help, to make believe that you are right behind me
Saying it's okay.

Longer days,

More time to sit and watch the pendulum sway.
In quiet rage I'm staring at this empty notebook page.
In times like these you feel like you are done with feeling,
You feel you want to stop the pain from healing
Because you feel like you're the only one who's ever felt this way.

Some days in a daze, there's brighter days.

Funny how the feeling never stays,
But I know I'll have to come to terms when I'm awake,
Thinking about you is the icing on the cake.
Makes me realize the fact you're gone for good for goodness sake.

Golden haze, another morning feels like yesterday.

End of may, a year is gone and I still feel this way,
When we meet again I'll ask you how you're doing
And you'll say fine and ask me how I'm doing

And then I'll lie and I'll say ordinary, It's just an ordinary day.

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