Wednesday, October 24

My Home - our working space

One week ago I just got my Insurance yearly pay out, as usual I use that money to finance some of my hobbies at the end of the year or saving it back to the original premium. I always end up buying gadgets for my hobbies with that money. Few years back I used it to buy my Lumix G2 camera, then my printer, camera lenses, net book ... This year I use it to buy some furnitures for the house including the 2 shelves for my working area on top of sewing machine. 

I share this room together with Miza. We love to work together in one space as it is easier for us to use some of our working materials together. We share the same hobby, so most of the time we enjoy each other company while working on our project. Both of us love the same music too ... We always have our internet radio or iTune on from my desktop while working together. Miza studies in this room as well. 

We live on the top floor of our apartment building. We have this big window facing the park and fish pond behind our house. It is always very soothing to have the window opens while we are working and enjoy the breeze of the soft wind. We love and love our neighborhood, for us this is one of the best around in Singapore.

I do love to keep my house clean and organized, including this room too. I know we have many stuffs in this room. We draw and do a lot of mix media works, therefore we have many tools that we need to store in this room. We hope you enjoy our room. Cheers!


  1. Hola Refine!
    What a wonderful and beautiful work space! I love that you share it with your daughter, that is a blessing!

    ~SimplyyMayra :)

  2. Thank you for your kind word Mayra ... Have a cheerful days ahead. Cheers

  3. i love seeing artist's working spaces. what a lovely space you & your daughter share. And those windows! swoon.


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