Wednesday, October 3

my Watercolors work

It is said : "When you are creating, you must artCLOUD like no-one is watching". I am inspired by Joanne Sharpe on this work. She is my teacher, I learn from her online about colors and be confident with it. Her works are amazing, I love her bright confident chosen of colors on each of her works. Colors will always be my step back, it is not easy to build confident for myself to be happy with what ever colors I chose. Everyday I am learning. 

Everyday I carry this small sketch book with me including the water color paint, brushes and few others tools  with me inside my bag. I just love to have them ready for me to work at any time, any place especially so when I have to wait for my daughter while she is attending her classes. A good cup of coffee and music on my earphone are more than enough to keep my company. My bag is always heavy, book, iPad and this now :p. But hey! It is always good to keep our mind busy with good things right. Anyway, I will stop writing and keep uploading my work pictures instead. I hope you like them. Cheers!


  1. I really have to start using water color too!!
    Very nice paintings and beautiful effects! :) Like the combination of words and pictures! :)

  2. YooJin ... thank you dear I am still far from being pro on this. Yeah water color is quite fun especially if you get the small palettes you can carry them around with you. BTW YES! I use your work on my art journal! I really love your sweet stamps, you should sell them on ETSY you know :) Have awesome weekend there in German.


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