Monday, October 1

One day in my Life

Hello friends, 

How is your life like in a day? - 

Mine, living in this hot and humid country, one day can be very tough especially so if I have to go out running errand. We walk a lot in Singapore, from our home to the nearest bus stop or train station unless you have car. Car is one of the luxurious thing in Singapore. They are not cheap, we do not have car, we rather save our money for old days and holidays instead of having car.

We live in a flat, we call it HDB - this is apartment units set and planned out by the government with the subsidy price. Some of us do live in Private Housing area which they have to pay a lot more extra for that. We are quite happy with what we have. We have an awesome view behind our house, I often call it - Central Park - It is actually a public fishing pond in the middle of greenery in the park. People do their morning exercise in that park. Some walks, jogs, do the tai-chi or walk their dogs around. Not too far from our house, about 5 minutes walk from our house we have a new fancy public swimming pool. We go there every Saturday for my daughter's swimming lesson, sometimes during mid week we go there as well just to cool down our body temperature due to the heat of a very hot weather up here. All these awesome abudances, deprive us of investing our income on private housing and choose the government subsidy housing instead and save the extra difference for our child education.

Back home in Indonesia, I grew up with helper at home since both of my parents working. The helper will basically run our everyday need, she cooks for us ( me and my sibling ), she prepare our school uniform, she cleans up our house and do many other wonderful things that FREE me from doing anything extra at home except study. Life was so much easier for me back then. However in here, it is not. I have to do almost everything myself. I learnt to be independent because of the situation. I do everything in the house from A to Z myself, including monitoring my daughter's study. It is tough, but I am glad I am able to keep up with the pace. 

Do I regret about it? Off course not, on the opposite side, I am glad I go through this challenge in Life especially so I am a mother now. I wish to inspire my daughter to be independent and prudent with life. Life is not easy but there is no reason we can not enjoy it. I do enjoy every bit and pieces of my LIFE now, nothing compare to now ... I am so blessed and grateful with what we have. 

I hardly compare myself to others because I know everyone of us have every reasons to choose what we decide to have in life. Each one of us have our own agenda and plan in life. Each one of us know what is best for our-selves and the family, there is no point comparing. I call this stress free living. 


Note : All of these pictures were taken at my home just now. These are the things around my life everyday. They keep me busy and looking forward for tomorrow. Everyday is always a new begining :-) 


  1. I can relate. I came from Philippines where life isnt easy. No car and always work hard for living. Im just happy now that i moved to Finland where i dont have to walk to go to the store or do some errands.

    Singapore is one city i wanna visit someday :)

  2. How lucky you are move to Finlad one of the well talked country in today's world. everybody try to be finland .... do visit Singapore one day. thank you for reading my blog cheers.


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