Tuesday, October 9

Sarah Kay : If I should have a daughter

I just got to post this. Sarah Kay was reciting her poem. This poem really connects me so well, it strikes exactly what my purpose is as a mother to my daughter. It is strength from within that I wish to inspire for her, so that It will help her stand strong in any circumstances she will face in life. I also assure her to understand to be humble in front of this universe and understand there are so much more in life to learn ... Life is worth living when we know, we are just a small piece of it that is why everyday we strive to be a better us.

I do hope you like the poem just like I do. Cheers.

Click here if you want to know more about her, and this is the  project V.O.I.C.E that she has been doing.

"the worst defeat in life is being defeated by your own doubt in life"


  1. WOW! that was great! thank you for sharing, Refine! :)

  2. ps. (do you that there are Captchas on your comments? it makes it tricky to leave comments. xoxox)

  3. NO .... yeah i hate that captchas too ... i should remove it. do you know where i can remove it ...

  4. Jenny i think i fix it ... thank's

  5. Wooooww!!! Keren banget!!!! Thanks for sharing fin!


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