Saturday, October 20

Society6 Update - {Little Women Series}

Finally I had done another check for the things I want to do in life, which is ...... YEAH! Updating my Society6 shop, click HERE to find out more what are the things inside there. Yeah I start early for next year :p. There is a reason behind it, I am working on my calendar 2013 series that I will be selling on my ETSY online shop. I call this series - {little women}. There will be 12 of them with each month being presented by one girl and one message. Let me introduce you to the cover of the calendar, i call her Miss Love ...

As usual I have the complete set available online for my iPhone, iPod, iPad, canvas size, card size and laptop cover size version of this series. I am still working on the T-Shirt print out as I want to design them in such a way. It will be coming soon. 

This is a mix media work mainly with water color and I fix them digitally as well using GIMP. I just love doing all sort of media to create one piece of work. I hope you like them as I do.

Lastly this is the link to visit Miss January on my Society6 shop .... click HERE. cheers everyone.


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