Friday, November 2

my {Books} Time - GoodReads Books Choice Awards for 2012

Hello .... I am looking forward for school holiday that will be starting in a week time. It is going to be a long one, this is the end of school year period. Sometimes we travel during this period, but we don't this time. We had used up our travelling budget for this year by going to Europe for three weeks last June. So ... "no more long haul holiday for this year!" .... said hubby. So instead of going somewhere, there are so much we can do back home in Singapore or even just staying in-house. We can read, watch movie, do our arty stuffs, start  exploring sewing together with my daughter and many many more including walk out to the park in the morning. So Yeah! It is going to be so much Fun ... especially for us { me and my daughter }.

One of the thing that I will definitely do is READING off course. I am just so excited about it. I recently just found bunch of books reader on the internet that give out awesome review for all of us. I have my bookread account, but I just don't have time to go over it and browse what are the people I am following are currently reading and said about their books. I also wrote on my blog recently about the choices of books I want to read, click here if you want to read it. Well I am a kind of explorer when come to my books, I read different stuffs the whole of my life. When I used to work in corporate world, I love to read all books about management. I have bunch of books collections under this category for sometimes, until I clear them out recently. I donated bunch of my books to the library because I know those books are no longer relevant for me, I need space to store other things and why not share those precious resources with others in good way. So yeap ... off they go out from my book shelf. I read a lot and a lot parenting books too, especially when I took Montessori class and when my daughter at her growing up year, her first 6 years of her life which Montessori called it as GOLDEN AGE. I read novel here and there since I don't really find one particulars series that I enjoy to read. 

Life does change once we become parents. The same goes to me too ... My choices of reading change tremendously. Now ... Most of the times, I want to inspire my daughter to start reading books, not just illustrative books anymore. She is going to be in Primary 3 next year, time to have a serious reading load, I am sure it will help a lot on her school. So I downgrade my books choices, they are all Parental Guidance more so hahahahahahaa. No more violent, sex and stuff. Do I regret it ... no in fact I feel much younger by age. I start to appreciate what are the things that is in trend among the young. I read their books, I speak their language and I see what are coming too .... This is one of the reason I found bunch of awesome good readers on the internet. Most of them are half of my age ... but I do enjoy their books review and choices. I had put down some books recommendation by them on my books list.

Lastly, I found this from GoodRead. If you are reader, I would recommend you to join the GoodRead online community. I found many good recommendation for books to read from that community. Click here to find out about it. And this is the LINK for GoodReads Choice Awards for 2012, click here.

And finally thank you for stopping by and reading this post. I catch up again sometimes. Cheers everyone, Happy Friday.

Enjoy Melody Gardot everyone ... she is super awesome!!!


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