Monday, November 19

my Second Life - the life where fantasy and creation meet

Hello how are you? It has been a long time I did not blog. The main reason for that is, I miss the feeling of working and creating content inside Second Life. I do not know how many of you know about this online or virtual game that has been around for long time now. Click here to read about it. I have been around Second Life since 2007. I had been out from the game for almost two years now. I just came back creating again the last two weeks or so.

Second Life is the first avenue that opens my eyes into creative world. I created many things inside there. I created clothes for avatars, their accessories as well shoes, the furnitures, houses or skybox we call it, a house that float in the sky. I even learnt how to make skin for the avatar using digital graphic manipulation program. It is a fun adventure on learning a lot new stuff. These are all done digitally, a lot of creator inside the Second Life must have a good skill of PHOTOSHOP or in my case I use GIMP the free software that works the same as photoshop.

I used to own quite a well known brand that sell items for ladies. I am stuck with my bohemian and shabby chic style. I love woods, planks, lace bright vibrant colors and flowers flowers. I own a mall as well last time where I rent out space for others to sell their creation just next to my main store. I made quite a reasonable amount of money in USD that time. I have a blog for my fashion and style for my avatar where other can pick up where I go shopping for my avatar. I own an online shop as well selling my creation. I had just revamped my online shop in Second Life with a new brand name.

In social media I hardly stick around for long time. I am not looking for popularity or followers. I am looking for inspiration and room to learn and improve my love of creating stuff.

So Yes! I started out my creativity with digital graphic manipulation through Second Life. Then I continue the love of creative into photography through Instagram. I had reached about 10,000 followers in Instagram two years ago where I had removed most of them and down to 2000 now. I then move to sketches and mix media work after photography. I think my creative journey will be around those things, back and forth .... digital graphic, photography and drawing. It is awesome ... I never stop learning.

And just in case you are wondering ... this is my avatar in Second Life.

As always, I am not looking into chatting in any given social media platform. I am inside to create ... I hardly sociliaze at all. I am very quite, because I will be busy building content or working on my GIMP. When I am really bored I go and shooting other avatars with my bow or weapon hahahahahahaha. But my internet connection had been so bad for the past few years and  I kept getting down on the game, it is not FUN anymore. I don't like to be captive when I lost.

So Yeah ... if you are in second life, come over and check out my shop in world or in second life online shopping. I am into creating Pixie and Fairies now ... this is called digital mesh avatar, it is a new thing that is trending in Second Life and definetelly a new thing to learn to build for me. It is exciting to see how my creation had turned up.

Oh well! Thank you for keeping in touch here. Cheeers all!


  1. I've never heard of this before. Sounds interesting! I will have to check it out. I love that inspiration is found in all sorts of avenues!

  2. Hello are featured on my Happy Monday Post...i hope that is ok with you...if not drop me a line and I will remove you - Love Happy xx

    1. Wooohoooo!!! I am really sorry I did not come to my blog for sometimes. I love and love your blog so much and all the photographs there. Are you on second life too? Sureee no problem at all. I will go and check it out on your blog. Cheers. Thank you so much


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