Friday, March 30

Our 10th years anniversary - March 2012

Our 10th years anniversay

yesterday, 29th March 2012 is our 10th years anniversary. hubby came back from work with a bouquet of flowers {purple roses} and another petite bouquet of 3 roses. he said, "the big one is for you and the little one is for my little darling", he smiled.

 this one is for me

flowers from Hubby - March 2012

this one is for miza { our daughter }

3 roses for miza from hubby

we came a long way together. we knew each other since 1988 all the way until today. we started out as a penfriend for quite sometimes. while i was in NYC and he was in Brunei we did write letters to each other, on and off we kept in touch to each other by letters or phone sometimes. and all came into a happy ending when i finally moved in to Singapore in 2000 to work here as an accountant. he was the one who helped me settle down here and being there for me through thick and thin of my social adjustment in Singapore.

we came along way together

we finally got married in 2002 and have our only daughter in 2004. Life has been wonderful for us, we never forget to thank GOD for that. as what hubby said, we might not be happy all the time, but what is IMPORTANT is we are very CONTENTED with what we have. It might not be an extraordinary life after all but we cherish every moment of it. our experience together to manage our family and working together to groom our daughter.

 Have a pleasant Friday everyone! cheers!

Thursday, March 22

Decor in a Day - Easy Decorating Project

today based on my schedule i suppose to blog about DIY anything crafty or DO it Yourself project. I have not done anything myself, but I never stop gathering inspiration and ideas from many sources on the internet.

so today, i would like to share some of my finding - things that you can do it yourself easily at home to help change the mood of your home decor instantly.CLICK on each picture to get to the original post where you can read the instruction HOW to do IT! Hope you like my sharing ... cheers:

Instant Medicine Cabinet

Organize your office at home

Dressing up the dining room

If you click on the link provided on each picture, you will see many more amazing ideas that you can follow through.

On top of that you can visit my pinboard on pinterest about HOME ORGANIZING, DIY PROJECT and WORKSPACE inspiration.

Happy Thursday ALL! Love always .....

Wednesday, March 21

Macaroons - what is all about it?

Source: via Refine on Pinterest

if you are following the life style photography, you will notice macaroons are one of the favorite object for photography. They are everywhere. You can find bunch of this object picture collections here and here .

i have few i found very pretty from my Flickr contact

Source: via Refine on Pinterest

Source: via Refine on Pinterest

and this is the video HOW TO MAKE IT!


Tuesday, March 20

Music : Settle Down - Kimbra

found this youtube video from Laughing with Broken Eyes - Blog
when i see this video, it is kind of unique touch! 
there is a vintage touch of it which i always LOVE
the presentation of the video is interesting
but it is kind of creepy ... LOL

it reminds me of a LOST childhood
which most of the kids are facing today
BUT maybe to us it is LOST because they are no longer
living the same childhood as we were last time

who KNOWS! they can only answer us ONE day!
i hope ... you.. can ... e n j o y ... the video

my Polyvore Art! - Those days are spoken to me nonstop!

Those days are spoken to me nonstop

Monday, March 19

our Home on the Road

this camper van is our HOME in New Zealand we sleep, dine, bath and enjoying the scenic view from here we never forget this experience everyday we chose the wallpaper we want to have for our window today we sleep on the beach tomorrow we sleep by the lake the other day we have lunch in the mountain everyday is a new experience

and we did and we enjoyed every moment of itthey said when you travel in New Zealand do it the Kiwi ways

this is the info for our camper van spec and the company where we get it here!, they are reliable and very professional,  recommended! 

we are back in Singapore but the memory stays! and HERE is a nice 360 degree of our camper van

All about Bokeh!

i do love bokeh, i love it a lot in fact. i have been doing it. i did some real bokeh, meaning i shot it direct from my camera just like the picture you see above. and i had created bokeh using applications on my iphone a lot too. see picture below.

i had shared some tips how to create bokeh on iphone application here, you can follow through my steps and download all the applications recomended if you want to.

i had also posted few weeks ago how i do a bokeh collage on my iphone. it was originally a simple shot on my bedroom. i then blur the picture and add the boken using lenslight. afterwards i play with recoloring the picture again and again and finally i made the collage. see below for the picture.

and finally to end this post, check out the tutorial video how to make bokeh using point and shot camera. isn't it life amazing! you can do amazing things with only few simple steps. Enjoy! and Happy Monday everyone.

Saturday, March 17

my Polyvore - i paint the sky pink!

i paint the sky pink

New Zealand Trip - December 2011

moihubby!little mademoiselleour camper vanour tripbunch of roses there
beautiful flowerthe camper van parkjust a cute hutthe corral rock along the north islandanother corral rock viewsunset on our first day in hamilton
Another Sunset along the wayAnother beautiful sight of sunsetwellington - victoria streetbeautiful vintage buildingalmost sunset in victoria streetvictoria street after sunset
vintage!!!!another vintage!!!a nice illustration bookthe whole things inside are mad!our ferry to go across the island.vehicles on board!
we made a trip to New Zealand during school holiday last year December 2011.

we took a camper van for 12 days to go around the country. we sleep, dine and bath inside the camper van basically.

we enjoy our journey, we started off from auckland, and heading to wellington to catch the ferry to across the to the south island. we slept over at hamilton before we reached wellington. we passed many cities and sights along the way before we reached wellington right after sunset.

we slept along the road side in hammilton and wellington. our camper van is self contained unit therefore we are allowed to camp almost anywhere in the country.

we reached the south island in the morning and racing with the sun to reach christchurch. we pass along the way with pacific ocean on our right side. beautiful journey.

we sleep over in a small town after christchurch and continue the journey the next day to queenstown.

we passed the legendary Lake Takepo on the way to queenstown. we splash a bit on the lake along with the wild duck in the lake. the water was amazing and it was so much fun for us.

we saw a lot of wild flowers along the way especially lupins with many different colours. you can practically sleep over them because they are just too many of them around.

we reached queenstown just before sunset. we stayed over there and enjoying our hotpool spa with a wide open window facing the nature landscape. it was an amazing experience.

we are so lucky, december is summer in new zealand so the day is very very long. the sun set start around 9pm.

after queenstown we are heading to lake wanaka and sleep over there and have a nice trip to mount aspiring national park. beautiful blue lagoon inside the park. i can not explain by words ... it is just beautiful.

our road trip from wanaka to haast is tremendously amazing. we encounter with the wild nature of typical rain forest. wild stream, waterfall and green forest here and there. we hardly see car around us. but that is what NEW ZEALAND is ....

we stayed over in haast and having a nice BBQ along the beach after the sunset. and we sleep in town cause the sand mosquitoes are just too much to bare.

the next morning we head to greymouth before finally we reached nelson for the night and head to picton the next morning to go across back to the north island.

when we reached north island, the summer is really on it's peak. most the lupins had dried off, the landscape start to look brownish and more desert. within a week the landscape change so much. we are so lucky to see it.

on the north we are heading to rotorua the original heart of new zealand where the maori used to live. we visited the maori traditional village and witness the amazing volcanic stream and the tradition Hakka dance. Hubby was chosen as the chief of our tribe when we visited the village. it was a wonderful experience for us. we learn the traditional dance along with the maori. and keep saying ... Kia Ora .... everytime we met other.

from rotorua we head up to matamata to visit one of the Lord of Ring set, which is the hobbiton. this the place where all the hobbit live. We see the hobbit houses/holes and the eragon castle. it was fun to actually touch the hobbit door! :p we also spend our afternoon at the farm and experiencing the life as a farmer for a day.

and that is the end of our journey, we are heading back to auckland to catch the flight to sydney and finally home to Singapore.

we miss new zealand so much! the beautiful landscape is unforgettable. Maybe one day we will repeat the trip.

i have taken close to 2000 pictures, but i share 150 of them ... and will gradually use the others for different purpose.

enjoy the pictures! thank you and cheers!