Saturday, March 2

it's March 2013

where have I been .......
long gone out from this world of typing error and mundane musing
i miss this little box that speak a lot about me
my mumbling from one thought to another
somewhat hobby and ranting over routine schedule

There is nothing great to start it by SHOWING you 
what have I done and been for the past 4 months maybe ....
november 2012 was my last post on this blog

Life kick on so hectic in 2013
busy schedule to keep up, pulling my self here and there
juggling all the commitments make sure nothing drops
along the way I might lost myself and found it back

but I am doing just fine ..... 
standing strong still above the cloud and open my arms wide 
to welcome every morning that reminds me there is always be
another BEGINNING .....

and as always .... keep telling myself
Don't sweat over the small stuffs

Thank you for being here always ....
to my own little adobe where there is none particular in mission
just mumbling and rumbling
and some sharing of inspiration

cheers everyone!


Hello! Thank you so much for taking your time to write the comments for me. I really LOVE to read them .... :)