Wednesday, March 27

Make SomeOne Happy!

There are times in our life that we have to decide to let go certain things in life in order to move on.
I know one thing for sure for me - NEGATIVE energy, this is really a bad thing to keep.
Sometimes I have to be stern to myself to keep reminding not to be hooked with this negative influence.
They are doing more damage than good to our  life.
We have to put a STOP to it!

When I said STOP, meaning I STOP it.
It is impossible to STOP others, so I do it for myself and by myself.

Instead, I replace those negative energies with the positive ones.
There are many of them around, the world is so big, we have many HAPPY people around.
It might not be extraordinary things for sure, but it is small things that are meaningfull.
I am glad I always found them along the way.

One of them are bunch of these videos by Oh Joy!
Not only she has pretty blog to look at and browse about, but her YouTube channel is awesome.
It brings so much joy and smile just to watch her video.

Let me share with you some of them .....
Go click the link and find out yourself ")

I love and love this video, they are simple thing to do .....

This video gives us tips how to do something small that is meaningfull and special 

Thank you so much for all these videos, I hope you continue doing that { if you are reading this blog}.
I believe when you share your happiness with other, your own happines is double and multiply.

SPARKS the POSITIVE energies everyone!


  1. So sweet Refine. Thanks for sharing this. These videos definitely take care of the blahs! I'm so ready for springtime here in Michigan. It snowed today. :o| Huge hugs!!

    1. Thank you! I think it's good to keep the spirit alive. Happy Spring Time, I know how it feels when you see all those flowers start to bloom again. cheers!


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