Friday, March 29

they said it's SPRING time ....

I know how SPRING can be a big deal on the other side of this planet. Here in Singapore, we can proudly say we have SPRING all year long :p

But being on the east side of the blue planet, our botanical spread is not that as colorfull as the ones at the other side. I miss spring time .... I can see all the flowers are blooming at their peak. The smell of the fresh grass and pretty flowers, people fall in love they said, or get married and give birth. So many joyfull moments that people are looking forward too in Spring.

Today is our 11th years wedding anniversary, as usual, there is only a simple celebration between the three of us and a nice bus ride to Bras Basah. We always enjoy the bus ride from our place to Bras Basah area, it is always that double decker bus, and you can sit all the way on the top right in the front and sit like a boss looking down the road :) Sometimes we skip the bus if we know it is not a double decker bus.

These are some of old pictures collections that I kept on my inventory. I thought it will be nice to tweak them a bit and give some lovely touch of spring here and there. I hope you like them .... Most of them are pictures I took when we were overseas on our holiday. 

I love to capture simple things just things I do effortlessly. It is the moment and the feeling from that particular time that I want to keep. Hubby one time complaint to me that most of the pictures I took are without us on it. I try to remind myself that, everytime we travel I should make a point to capture our picture together too. I am always the photographer in this family. I enjoy doing it, but the problem is ... I always far away behind busy capturing little details that my eyes saw. Either they will stop and wait for me, or I have to run to catch them again .... 

Alright! I hope you enjoy these pictures as I enjoy editing them. And usual I am using picmonkey to do this tweaking and nothing else. CLICK here for picmonkey link, it is FREE for the basic option. It is very user friendly and awesome. I post about it sometimes ago, click here to read about it.

Cheers everyone and thank you for reading this post. 

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  1. You can combine two different photos, mask a foreground image and add a background layer with shapes, gradients, and all manner of objects.


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