Tuesday, April 23

Dealing with messiness .....

I take drawing as hobby just recently, maybe just pass a year now. I am involved with drawing because I want to do it together with my daughter. She loves drawing so much .... I am a bit reluctant at the beginning because I just can not deal with messy things. I just can not stand to see the house is in mess and out of order.

My daughter knows it so well that She has to clean up right after she finishes her art work.

One thing I notice when I work with my hobby, the inspiration and idea just flow exactly at the time while I am doing it. Therefore most of the times, I will end up grabbing things around and use them. I started out with a clean table and few tools to use, but at the end I always end up with table full of mess :(

It's hard at the end when I have to clean up ... I wish I have a genie who I easily can order to clean up my mess so I can continue to do other things.

Actually messy table is one thing, another thing is to be ready to waste resources. I think when we work with creativity we have to remove the ideas of wasting resources especially for young children. Just like my daughter, she loves to explore with all media we have at home. Sometimes I just have to tell my self to calm down when she grabs the most expensive media and work with it. I want to encourage her to be creative so I have to be carefull on how to deal with her when she is doing something that I am not happy with.

Being an accountant and deal with computer system before, efficiency and effectiveness become the major issue on dealing with things. I always think ways to maximize things with limited resources. This phobia {mental attitude} follows me around even when I do my art works. It keeps torturing my mind and reminding me to work effectively. HAHHAHAHAHAHAA .... I found it very funny and disturbing sometimes. 

The same thing happened when I watched some of the artists working with their art works on YouTube, my jaw dropped when I saw them covering up almost the whole works they had done with another brand new layer. The original layer which I thought was already good enough, gone .... I could only see them just a bit, cause it was covered by completely another new layers of works {drawing, paper or embellishment}. I think that ACT is very brave ..... I don't know if I can do that. It is quite painful to see, the things that already been used just gone unnoticed because you cover it with another brand new one. What a waste of resources I thought. However the works end up much more beautiful at the end, it gives a nice 3 dimensions effect and more complex layering ....

So basically what I want to share here is .... this new hobby is really a new adventure. It is me who stepping out of my comfort zone, embarking a new attitude toward life and break my old way of thinking. It teaches me to loose up a little bit toward things in life .... And it is true, it is very therapeutic when I work with my hobby . I think I fall in love with this hobby at th end.

Okay, I need to get ready to pick up my daughter from school. Cheers! Thank you for reading.


  1. It's funny how art does that to you, isn't it? Leading you into new adventures and ways of thinking is part of the fun. Love your pieces.

    1. Hello Jess, yes it is very funny. Thank you so much for loving my pieces, I really appreciate that. Cheers


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