Monday, April 1

I love Blythe Doll ... do you?

I love and love blythe dolls. They are just totally cute to look at and not cheap to have :) I do not have Blythe dolls myself, but I collect them nicely on my pinterest.

These are some of the blythe pictures I had collected on my pinterest, feel free to look up the individual links for each of these dolls at my pinterest board. Click HERE for the link to the board.

I know for the fact some of blythe collectors take proud on dolling up their blythe. They do the make up for their blythe by actually painting on it. Creating unique hair style for their blythe and so many clothes making for the blythe.

This is a video from YouTube to show you how actually the make up has been done on blythe face. It is a long tedious job, you must love what you are doing and creativity can go as wild as possible.

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