Wednesday, April 10

Missing: building and creating in Second Life

These dolls are not just graphic or pixels static flat drawing. They are second life avatars. They move and animated accordingly. They are dressing up with style, have emotion and talk too .... Yeah, this is my other playground during my mundane days ... SecondLife, click here to read more about it.

The picture above I took from one of my favorite second life blogger newreemism. She is from Korea and she is one of the prominent fashion diva in SecondLife. Girls being girls we love fashion in SecondLife.

SecondLife pushed our boundaries to learn many things especially with graphic manipulation skills. Some of us are using PhotoShop, and a bunch of us using GIMP too, a free software that does the same magic as photoshop. I wrote about SecondLife on my blog, click here to read about it.

I built, design and create many stuffs in SecondLife, one of them are fashion too. I have this love of fashion and style, I am not a fashionista in real time, but I do love fashion when I come online.

Here are some of my creations in SecondLife. The following doll is my avatar and she wears most of the collections I created in SecondLife. Click Here to check my doll's fashion blog, and the brand I made is -Mix and Match-

Okay GoodNight! Yawn ... I am so very sleepy

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