Monday, April 15

Some of my drawings!

I am always amazed with some of the artists out there. I love to see how productive they are with their works. Not only they continously producing beautiful drawings but turn them into awesome goods that they can sell online. For start check out these two lovely ladies, they are my favorite, Kelly Rae Roberts and Danita

Oh well! I try to do that too, keeping up my days between my mundane routine to actually reconnect with myself and produce some simple drawing.

I love to draw faces and girls, because they are actually the media that speak my mind out. There is nothing special about it, it is a way for me to kill my time while waiting for my daughter for example or just to say out something.

You can call me a lone ranger, because I have no problem at all to be alone. I always have something to do. Being alone is good in many ways too, and one of the best thing about it, I will be away from gosip or get involve with gosip. Girls being girls, when we are together we tend to talk about other people. We are human we love to tell stories, that is very natural. Some do it through speaking their mind out, some do it through writing and some through draw .. and many many other ways of conversing our stories.

Anyway, let's be non judgemental towards anything in life. Think positive all the time, and see everyone with good heart. It will be very tiring if we keep thinking what other people might say about us. In my case, I will just let them be, it is a free world at the end of the day, whether we like it or not, people will just comment about us. So no point to sweat over it.

I believe a good positive hobbies will alow us to have our space and continue to be strong! Hobby will help us to be more observing towards other things in life. Just like photography, why I love photography, it's because when I am outside alone, there is always be something that capture my attention in a very special way. The more we train our eyes for this, the more sensitive it will become "capturing beauty" becomes a second nature, auto-mode.

From photography I move to drawing. I learn to sketch and color them. It has been a long journey "online" to be where I am now. I never imagine myself able to draw ..... It has been fun, and I will continue this journey for more creative works to come. 

Okay I am mumbling while posting all these pictures of my drawing from the past two weeks. I hope you like them ... cheers all! Thank you for reading and happy Monday, from Sunny Singapore.

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