Saturday, May 18

I went for Photowalk ....

Last friday after school me and my daughter went to "Gardens by the bay" for the first time. We wanted to see the tulips' exhibition before it ends this coming Monday. The exam week is almost over, she only has one more exam to go, so we can afford to stay calm on Friday after school.

We spent close to six hours hanging around the gardens taking pictures, having a good chit chat, dinner and star gazing before we went home. We did have a good time there.

These are some of the shots I took during that trip, and as usual, you will not find the pictures of the exhibitions, instead collection of edited pictures with words all over the places .... {typical of me}

A friend wrote this beautiful quote on his facebook, it said something like this: 

"A designer think with the eyes, sees with the hands, works with the mind, at the same time"

When I read that, I reflect on those words, and I agree to it. It is very true, in my case, when I see an object I want to take a photo of, inside my mind, I somehow see the finished product. The finished product is done even before I aim my camera to that object. It just came out on my mind .... And when that happened I know this should be the right shot for me to do. 

When I go home and working on these picture the process flows very fast, I even have chance to tweak them even more, adding few more things. I guess this spirit of creative is amazing .... the more I am comfortable with the process, the tools I have at home and understanding my skill level, the faster I can make decision what I will make out of the object. 

For me .... working in creative process is really fun .... it is like breathing in a very fresh air in wide open space .... 

I want to share it here the video of The Sartorialist, he basically described his creative process on producing his amazing photo shots. It comes naturally, no bagage, just having fun .... which is exactly in my case too. I am sure many of you have the same feeling as well.

Cheers .....


  1. Beautiful are very creative...and I love flowers.....keep them coming

    1. Thank you Katie ... and thank you for checking out my blog, cheers!

  2. What a beautiful post! Love it!


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