Thursday, May 16

iPhone photography ....

I love playing with iPhone, I love taking photos using it. I do most of my photo editing on my iPhone as well. I did make some edited videos using my iPhone too. I think I said it many times, iPhone really does magic to us. You do everything instantly within the second, snap the pictures, edit them and share them .... all within few minutes only.

These are some of the pictures I took and edited using my iPhone only.

I have my other works on my FLICKR account too, you can click here to visit it.

I love to filter my works layer by layer, from one filter to another filter. I love to play with words and fonts too on my pictures. There are few applications that I really love to use on my iphone. 

Hipstamatic, Phonto, PicFrame, 8mm, PuddingCam,Filterstorm, Pictory, BigLens, easyTITLER, TextCamera. You can easily search for all these apps on your iPhone/ iTune market.

On top of the photo collections that I kept on my FLICKR, I have bunch of edited and filtered photos that I kept on my Instagram account. These are some of them.

Alright! I hope this can bring a good inspiration for you, Thank you for coming by and reading my post. Cheers from Singapore.

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