Tuesday, May 7

It's a new corner .....

We decided to add one more table at our working space, the reason being, we need a spare table where we can leave our art work unfinished for the day. Currently, it is very difficult for us to keep our unfinished work as we use our tables for study, working with computers and writing as well. So ... a nice simple table will do a great job, to keep our project status opens.

We got a second hand garden table from IKEA. It was only  $18.00, with a bit of stained on the surface, but we can easily cover that. The size is just nice for that corner. We have to remove some stuffs out from that corner, I did a bit of cleaning up and reorganizing.

Well here are some photos I took .....

Okay, It is late, time to bed now! Exam tomorrow and the day after it too .... {my daughter's exam off course}. Have a good rest everyone, cheers from Singapore!

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