Saturday, May 4

Keep Calm ... exam's weeks are on ....

If you live in Singapore like I do, we all know, the first semester exam's weeks are on the way. My daughter is at Primary 3, and I have all the full schedule for all the exams dates, complete with the subjects that will be tested on my hand. This is the time where I have to close monitor my calendar so I do not miss out. 

I know a good cup of coffee at home will be a good booster and give me a calming effect. It is true and quite funny actually, here in Singapore, during exam's weeks, the luxurious of feeling stress does not only belong to the students but the parents too. We are so grandee with the term we use to describe us : KIASU. I think this phobia is not just typical Singaporean parents, this is the natural trait of Asian Parents .... :p

Although my daughter is at the high ability class for her math subject in school, she is not the TOP performer in class. She is able to maintain her ban 1 median on her score {which is "A"} but that is not enough, most of the girls in her class are all above 90% accuracy performers. Probably almost 80% of the girls are getting close to full mark. Hahahahahahaha, can you imagine that? It's a hard stiff slippery cliff that my daughter needs to climb up. All I can say to her "Keep Calm and Study Hard". But no ... seriously, I want a balance life style for her. Off course staying in Band 1 is important, that will be the one that keeps her going on tackling math problems. She loves math, she loves to discover and finding her own way how to solve certain problems. I want that spirit continues to grow and stays with her. She only attends Kumon since she was in pre-school. She loves Kumon and she does not want to give it up. Kumon helps her imaginary calculation she said, and Kumon's English builds up her general knowledge through short stories that Kumon shares with the kids on the works. Other than that, she attends classes outside school which have no relation to school's subject, like drawing, swimming, piano, religious class, speech and drama and creative thinking class. 

Sometimes it can be a bit demoralizing for her to find out she is no longer the top 5 in her class like she used to be. I told her not to give up on this, she has to take it as challenges and continue the journey. I do give her extra assessments at home, but not religiously, I know she is already tired with her times at school which can cost her close to 8 or 9 hours a day. She has a very small window of time to do other things that she loves doing, like reading or drawing. She also loves to watch Bindi's Bootcamp at discovery kids channel on TV, that is her must watch everyday. She just loves animals, and she said through Bindi's program she is able to gain knowledge about animals. I then have to give in to her, 30 minutes of her night's time for this, on top of her homework from school and Kumon. Once a while she spends time for her art just before sleeps. She reads everywhere, on her way to school, inside the bus when we shuffling somewhere or when she waits for me at school. I just love that she continues reading. She is able to finish up 2 books of Hunger game within two weeks, I think that is GOOD!

Okay I write quite long this time! I bet because I need to let it out ... it's just like a good screaming so loud so all those burdens are out from my chess. Happy weekend all! Cheers from Singapore.

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