Tuesday, May 28

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I made this few days ago - Actually I made few others art journal pages for the past few days. I did the video on this, and I failed the video on the other one. So I post this one here today, so you can watch the video as well.

Nothing particular, it's just my musing and what comes to my mind when I am having fun doing this. I just love to play with pattern, textures and colors. I love the idea of three houses, because that is how many of us in this house { me, hubby and our daughter}. So basically these cute houses represent us in some ways.

And this is the video I made for this page. It is quite a simple work really, the only thing I discover new is to play with gesso on my masking to create pretty frame around these houses. I colored them using water colors just to enhance the colors.

Anyway working with my creative pieces is always fun for me. I hesitate to call this "ART", as to define ART, it takes a whole lot of consideration. I admire beautiful art pieces off course. ART is very relative and subjective, there is no point of debating or arguing about it. For me it's simple, either it is within my acceptable level of preverences OR it is not at all. I am not worry what other might said about my preferences on ART, it is up to them to decide. I have my own selection and I love to grow and getting the inspiration out of it. 

As for now - this page is what a lot call it as art journal, I hope you enjoy it! Cheers ....

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