Friday, May 24

my Instagram for the past 2 weeks or so .....

It has been a while I did not blog my Instagram photo collections on my blog. One of the reason is I did not upload a lot to Instagram lately. I am slowing down in Instagram, I am kind of loosing the mood of having fun in Instagram. I am like that, I hop over from one platform to another platform in social media. I hardly stay put, that is why it is difficult for me to build number and statistic LOL.

Oh well! I am using social media as hobby, a media for me to learn a lot of things and grow as person especially my creative mood. I more into an observant in Social Media. I watch people ... yeah I do! I love to see how some of us take social media seriously and grow beautifully out of it. It's amazing to see how some of us can really grow in a very meaningful way out of the social media world.

I appreciate original works in Instagram. I look for those who put serious effort on sharing their own works. I see a lot are using other people's works and edit them and share them in Instagram. I am wondering ... why? ... why we must do that! This kind of distract me on the purpose of being inside Instagram. So ... Yeap! I went hiatus out from Instagram for close to a year I guess. I am just posting inside without even checking anything inside.

Instagram is getting so big ... that it is very difficult to manage. We can easily lost track inside. I am keeping my numbers of following very small. I usually browsing other pictures from the people I follow. Therefore I follow those who share the same taste as me, so I stay within the circle of photography theme. I was with 10,000 + followers before, I cleared almost 80% of it, I kept about 2000+ followers before I really went hiatus from Instagram. I did not expect anything out from it ... I am happy if others can appreciate my works, that is all. 

Instagram is really a snap and share for me. It is a moment thing. It is my training to actually able to capture a nice shot within second. How I angle my aim for the shot or styling the object for photo shoot. It is a training ground for my eyes capturing cute and pretty things from everyday things. It is not something special ... it is just things that come from my everyday life.

So yeap! Instagram is my training ground and I am keeping it like that. My so called serious editing photography is on my FLICKR account. Instagram is more a photo diary for me ... snap, share and go! I am glad few of Igers appreciate my works out there and willingly follow me. Thank you so much for that.

By the way, Click here for my Instagram account, and here for my FLICKR account just in case you are wondering. 

Thank you for reading my post. Good night! Cheers from Singapore.

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  1. Die Bilder sind richtig toll geworden. Nutze Instagram auch mittlerweile regelmäßig. Da kann man schon schöne Bilder gestalten.


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