Thursday, May 2

Nothing much to say ....

I think it is better to keep quiet, if we have nothing good to say. Take a break a little bit, take a step back and enjoy the breeze. For me it is important to keep the good spirit alive inside. In order to be strong we need to have a peacefull glimpse inside us.

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The older we are the more we know that LIFE is not as sweet as what we are dreaming for. We go through the feeling of lost, disapointment and betrayal here and there. Sometimes it blown so big that we are pushed backward without mercy, but sometimes, it is just a small pinch that we can easily forget about it within a blink. What ever it will be ... stay strong!

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I love to dwell with the spirit of CREATIVITY to neutralize the things that are hard to accept or to believe in. Just jump over to the ocean of inspiration, with the internet, Oh! Gosh! tell me about it ... there are so many deep blue sea, garden, sky that we can easily dive in. Beautiful pictures, songs, musics, poems are all over the places .... Give me a name! Pinterests, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads etc etc the list is never end.

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Take a good care of our heart, they are our only true best friend! Nourish them with good spirit. Be thankfull everyday! Learn the wisdom to accept the things that we can not change and live with it in peace. 

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