Tuesday, May 14

There are things I have been longing to do .....

I need to go back to my productive mode ASAP. I have been hanging around in Facebook too much, LOL. I realize one thing when I hang around so much on chatting and scrolling up and down social media without actually doing something or getting inspiration, I will be far away lacking behind on things I am supposed to do. This is called Procrastination. Tell me who is not good with this stuff?

I need to start organizing my online stuff and prioritize my items. I have all the ideas jolted down on my notebook, all plans and inspiration pools. The thing is, I only need the KICK to actually start doing it.

Living in Singapore can be pretty demanding if you want to live creatively. We have too many deadline and schedule to maintain. Yes, it is a choice we have to make, but as a Mom, there are things that I have to sacrifice and put them into priorities. I just have to kill some of the stuffs that don't bring any adding value at all. Time is limited, so work in the right priority is important.

I am also looking forward for the school holiday where I can have time with my daughter to do some art projects at the park. We love to cycle to the park with our art stuff and have a nice little picnic. Enjoy the sea breeze while working with our inspiration.

I also need to go back being in touch with my blog. I know it very well, when I am out of touch from my blog, I will distance my self from being creative. My blog is the spirit for me to keep the inspiration and days going in GOOD way.

List of things I want to do : 1) working on my photography collections so I can sell them as cards online, 2) working on some digital works for templates that I can sell online as well as postcards, 3) working on my art pieces so I can sell them online, 4) getting the HECK of HTML coding and start my own blog design template to sell as well. These are the 4 priorities I need to sort out this year before the year end. 

Off course I need to reorganize my collections on my ETSY and Society6 as well, and looking for more avenue to sell my products online. I probably will insert my online shop on this blog too. We will see ... getting to the bottom of HTML codes can be quite demanding as I have to do many many online tutorial and Google search, but it is totally FUN to get so hooked on the things you need to do and solve.

Okay, Happy Tuesday all! Cheers

as YOU will be
TOO busy to listen to little mockery
others CREATED for you....

Be Positive and Stay Creative!

psst, I miss Paris and all these vintage emotions 

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