Sunday, August 25

Bookmark Making

Hello!! It has been ages I did not update this blog. I am just too busy and too tired catching up stuffs in real life, so I lost the mood of updating my blog. I will try to come back here regularly. I am planning to do some stuffs for my blog too .... 

Oh well! I have been busy spending time in my daughter's school too. Transporting my self back and forth, school and home like madness. Taking public transportation starts to make me tired sometimes, It is just too hot outside to walk .... 

I have been helping schools with some of their activities. I have a regular schedule to show up in school every week. I am helping school with reading mom program, malay reading club and helping kids doing their homework after school hours too. It has always been fun to know new girls in school and working together with them.

Recently I was chosen as the designer for the Teacher;s day project. I suppose to come up with an idea what we are going to do to prepare something for the teachers. So I came up with this idea of making book mark. It is pretty simple to do ... and we managed to make about 130 book marks in two days with the help of other moms too in school.

I posted the photos few times on my instagram and facebook and a friend asked me how I actually do it, so today I decided to make a tutorial video for it. I hope it helps. Enjoy it!

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