Monday, August 26

Why I choose ART Journaling

I love and love to see all the creative works out there, be it scrapbooking, project life, mixed media art, art journaling, sketching, doodling etc etc etc you name it. And most of all I love photography too, especially Instagram.

However, being a housewife, I do not have income, so I have to be very wise on managing my expenses. I try to find the cheapest possible art work that I can enjoy ..... Off course Instagram top on the list. A lot of applications out there are FREE and pretty nice to use for photo editing.

I tried some works with scrapbooking, but I ended up spend so much money for the embellishments, papers, ink pad etc, including the cutting tools and punches that the scrapbookers use. I can not afford it, my money can easily run dry within few weeks. So I stop that right there ...

I prefer something that I can do my self, the whole thing I do myself. And I found out about Art Journaling - this is so much fun to do. This is almost the same type of scrapbooking, but the difference is, we made almost everything ourselves, oh well depend, you can also use the purchase materials as well, if you want too.

I enjoy this hobby a lot. I learn to draw as well from here. I watched many YouTube tutorial for this. You can check my YouTube playlist for some tutorial videos that I like a lot. click here.

I also made some videos tutorial myself, to share how I do my art journal. click here if you are interested to check them out. 

Art journaling is pretty affordable, all we need basically the coloring materials which are available in local bookstores with student's prices. We can use watercolor material in the form of tube, pan, crayons, pencils or markers. There are many brand out there that provide different range of price and quality. I have collected from various range, the school range which only cost me $6 for 12 colors and $65 for 12 colors. Basically the better brand they are the better colors quality they have. 

Another things we need to have as crafter in this department is stamps ..... choose stamps that are good to be used to make background. I collect many of these at home, usually I love something vintage, alphabet and flowery patterns. We can also collect stencils if you want too ... all these are helping us on making the background.

Art journaling is really fun. It is all based on our creativity and mood on that time. We draw, we write, we work with colors and patterns, it is very relaxing and fun to see once you finish with it.

I know I do not see much community for Art Journaling in Singapore yet, if you happen to read this post and you are from Singapore and you know about it, It will be wonderful if you can leave me a comment to let me know where I can reach them.

Oh well! I picked up this hobby about a year ago, and I know I am just beginning ... there are still many more I can do with it. Thank you for reading! 


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