Monday, September 2

Instagram for the week

Hahahahahaa, I am trying to go back to my routine of updating my Instagram photos for the week. On top of that, I also would like to share what I found amazing inside the Instagram. Beautiful pictures that suits my taste off course. Another thing that I love seeing in Instagram is the stream feed .... Some Igers are just amazingly awesome with their stream feeds. They are neat, coordinated and soothing to the eyes to see. I will give the link of name for each pictures so you can easily find them inside Instagram. I am using webstagram to do it.

start from no 1 to 9 in order, the pictures belong to the following Igers.

1. @fialoppans  2. @ayu0319   3. @pbsartstudio   4. @gittechristensen  

5. @hildemiho  6. @cuteclub  7. @gemmafi  8.@cuteclub   9. @hildemiho

Okay! Have fun clicking the links and see whether you also smitten to their beautiful pictures, as always I love colors and patterns when I am looking at Instagram pictures. They become my inspirations. Next time I will post the Instagram stream that I love. Meaning not only one particular picture, but the whole entire gallery .... Stay Tune! and thank you so much for reading. Cheers from Cloudy Singapore.

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