Tuesday, September 10

Instagram for the week

Hello, it has been raining here in Singapore for the past few days. Well, it is not so good news for kids who are having their one week school break now to have a chance to go outdoor. However, I hope this will give them more opportunity to do creative work in door, such as art and craft, sewing, read books or having good time exploring educational computer applications or just games. These are few of my Instagram photos from last week. I am still maintaining this new style of soft tones, doff and no frame look. Let's see how long I can go on like this. One thing I notice I need to learn styling .... Inside Instagram you can find many amazing photo stylist. I will share some of them on this blog too. But before that as usual, here are some cool pictures that I liked from last week, with all their name at the bottom of it.

and this is one the beautiful stream feeds I had found in Instagram. I have many more of them that I found very pretty, I will share them bit by bit in weekly basis on this blog. Please stay tune, if you are interested to see them. 

click here for fialoppans Instagram account

Alright! I have to get on with my routine, as it is raining outside my daughter prefers to have a little bit longer hours to sleep before she starts off her days with the schedule she had planned earlier this week. I wish all of you a good day, and thank you for reading my blog. Cheers from Singapore.

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