Sunday, September 15

Music I like for the week

I fall in love with good music, easy listening, jazz, bossanova, R&B and all those sort that keep you in dreamy mood since I was very young. I remember I always slept with my music player on when I was young. My dad is the one to thank for this. He always fills our home with music, never failed. Once he is home, his record player will be on all the way until he goes to sleep. And just like me, most of my family members sleep with the music on. Only when I came to Singapore and got married things change ... Hahahahahaa. Once we become mom, our life is a little bit shifting here and there just like pendulum.

Recently I start this hobby again, as I am immerse to my creative time, I love to have good music on the background, it helps creative process and mood. Off course, I choose music that is pleasant to my ears. And it really surprises me that we have many names out there with a good soft voice for jazz, and they are Asians. I see more and more of them around. I don't know I like the way they sing the melody, and thank's to iTune with that option tab called "Related", I can easily jump from one singer to another singer within the same genre. Thank you for that options.

Olivia Ong is one of the them that I fall in love recently. Click here if you want to check preview of her songs on iTune. And this is one of her video :

The next one will be Sabrina, she is from Philippines. Just like Olivia Ong, Sabrina has wonderful voice too. And her songs selection on each of her album are amazing. I love and love ... I wish I can collect each one of them. I love listening to their music while I am on train too commuting, It feels wonderful, how congested the train is, it does not matter anymore once you have a good tunes on your ears :)

if you want to check Sabrina song preview on iTune click this link. My daughter loves these girls too, especially Sabrina, since most of her songs are the songs that are popular among the teenagers, so my daughter can sing along with her every time we play her tunes. and the following is one of her YouTube video.

And lastly is Simona Kee, she is from Singapore. How proud I am to find her, a friend of mine who always has a beautiful romantic taste of things in life shared Shimona's link on her facebook, and that is how I come to know her. I straight away fell in love with her voice. I love her Social Media Song, I think that is really cute. Check out the video here. and click here if you want to preview her song on iTune.

So these three girls have been contributing to the good mood around our home lately, especially so when we are doing our arts. Me and my daughter love them ... We wish them the best and stay beautiful and creative creating new stuffs that inspire Happy feeling and Good Mood. The world need this ....

And well! it's raining again in Singapore .... I stay home and do some arts, How about you? Thank you for coming by and reading my blog. Cheers

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