Saturday, September 7

my Creative Process for the week

Yes! One week school holiday is here. More time for both of us to do arts { me and my daughter }. We are always looking forward for the time for school break. Last night, both of us sat down together and discuss our planner for next week. My daughter needs to catch up some of her math homework in order to brush up her preparation for school exam which is coming in a month time. On top of that we try to walk to the beach near home in the morning as well as visiting universal studio. 

Last week was the teacher day's season ... I did some works in school helping preparing for the show to be presented to the teachers on the day. Me and some other parent volunteer did help the school with the audition, we basically select the ones that will do performance for the school. We have many girls { my daughter's school is a girl school }, joined for the event. I am really impressed by their spontaneous and confidence to perform for the day. This is pure of the girls's initiative which I found very awesome, it will help flourish their love of creativity. 

I also try to catch up with my works from my online class. Basically exploring my creativity side in the daily basis. A quick do that warm up my creative mood. Every morning after come back from sending my daughter's to school, I will sit down for an hour or so ... doing some fun works with paint, stamps, collage and colors. There is no fuss about it, no expectation just let my inspiration goes out ....

These are just my art journal. one page a day, just to jot down what comes to my mind, and grabs things that are available around me. Working with things that I have and right in front of my eyes. Not much effort on this, just let my hands do the guide. It was fun .... The terrible part is cleaning up, Hahahahahahahahaa. Always! I do not like messy table or work space, I make point to clean up properly and put all things back to the original place. I trained my daughter to do the same. We can hold our art work ... make it work in progress BUT not with our work-space. We share our art materials and tools, therefore putting things back to the place is important, otherwise one of us will have problem finding the items when we need it.

I will let this habit to go on for a while more. Just do one page a day .... and see how I have improved in two months time maybe. I updated my Instagram with these art works everytime I finished them. It was fun to meet others who share the same hobby in Instagram too. We can admire each other works and be inspired from it. At the end of the day, each one of us .. are finding our style.

I have not settled down to any particular style yet. But I enjoy drawing dolls, girls and something vintage inspired as usual. I love stamping a lot ... I need to be more creative with this. 

I have few artists that I found through internet that I really admire the works. They become my inspirations ... Some of them are running classes online or sharing their trick and tips on YouTube. I love spending time watching their videos on YouTube on top of doing the art works myself.

Alright! Time is up now ... time to do others things now. Take care all, and thank you for coming by and read my blog posts.

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