Sunday, September 1

Playing with Colors

Hello I probably had not blogged about my latest online classes on my blog. Yes I took the online class by Sarah, Painted Page Workshop. The course is closed already, meaning most of us had completed the 4 weeks lesson, but I am way behind the schedule. I did not have time to work on my art works. When there are too much things to do, your mood is not there to even create something. I really have to discipline myself on this. I can talk so much about time management and discipline to my daughter, but look at me ... LOL. Hubby always said ... Do not forget! Role Modeling Role Modeling .....

Anyway, Sarah did a wonderful online class for us. Her instruction is amazing, I love the way she allows us to be loose in term of schedule and target and embrace our art slowly. She emphasize on observing things around us, take note and bring that as inspiration to our works.

However the first chapter on the lesson is to work with color wheel. She asked us to make colors palettes that we will be comfortable to work on with. It is true! the most challenging task on working with art is colors. It is very difficult, colors go with mood or even our character. How our minds pick the colors somehow explain the personality behind it. I always amazed with those who can come up with a complex, various level of color combination and yet the work is so amazingly wonderful. 

So last night before I slept, I spent time to browse further what actually colors is and how I can work on a proper color wheel. Here are some links that I found very useful to visit and read if you want to understand more about color combination.

and I found this video which i found it very useful as well :

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