Wednesday, September 11

Why do I love doing creative things

It has been a year now I am doing art journals on my sketch books. I learnt most of them online, I never imagine myself embrace this side of my life story. It has been a fulfilling journey for me. I started out to give inspiration to my daughter and end up enjoy it so much. 

There are many ups and downs on doing it. We are human, we always connected to mood somehow and somewhere. Therefore I think, creative works are not easy. It requires discipline, but then again, there is no hard and fuss rule when come to creative works. You can not even force it. You must let it go naturally. Otherwise, your works will show eventually. Maybe it is different with other art forms, like performances where you can basically train your body or senses to bare with it. This moody some probably apply to writer, poet, painter, choreographer and sort of things that requires our own initiative to come up with our fresh and original ideas.

Art can be messy too, meaning the process of producing it. It takes a lot of times, effort and preparation. I notice, you need to be diligent on dealing with art especially painting. I fall in love with mixed media mostly, where we use any types of media and tools to produce art work. These require a lot of preparation and CLEANING up after that. The good proper and organized work-space is always a BIG HELP.

Mixed media makes us work with layer by layer, there are some outstanding mixed media artist out there. Kelly Rae Roberts is one of them, Pam Garisson, Tangie Baxter, Sarah Ahearn, Mary Ann Moss and many other of them out there I can not list one by one. I even have a playlist created to collect works from some mixed media artist on YouTube. Click here if you want to visit them.

This brings out the best and the worst of us. That is why most of them keep telling us to keep practicing, to keep showing up and sharpen the saw. The more we are dealing with it, the more we are comfortable with our BEST and our WORST. We learn to embrace and appreciate both side of the story and live with it. Until one day, we stop comparing ourselves with others, as we had found our own VOICE. Our works become us .... I have yet reached this destination yet. One year is not enough to build up ORIGINALITY and VOICE. I am still influenced by many. 

I am not planning to rush into it either. I am taking this journey slowly. This is my daily sanctuary which allows me to touch base with the real me inside. Embrace the unexpected result of my doing. It is a save playground to make mistake and learn. I tip toe my work with creativity as when time allows. 

Life here can be very hectic and tight in schedule. As a stay home mom, there are a lot I need to keep up everyday from errand to my daughter's study. I am commuting myself with public transport everyday back and for within school and home .... I try to utilize my time to the max, by doing some hobby that I can afford within time including writing this blog :)

Oh well! I guess we never stop to struggle in life. This is part of resilience and perseverance to beat life EVERYDAY and achieve something out of it. Since the stone age, our civilization is doom to struggle in order to survive. Our mission stays the same from the origin time, only our means and choices that are different today. 

So Yes! Doing creative things allow me to formulate some of these abstract thoughts that come to my mind. With my art works I give them the forms, a colors, a shape, a word to it and eventually a meaning .... so I can easily articulate them and exercise on it if I need to .... as they become my VOICE.

Happy mid week everyone! Cheers from Singapore

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  1. Oh gosh yes, it sure can be messy. I love to be creative but I think my least favorite part is picking up. ;)


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