Thursday, October 24

Living off The Grid

All of my life, I live in the city, I grew up in Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia, then I spent my young adult life in New York City before I moved to Singapore. So it is always city to city, don't get it wrong, I love cities, I love the dynamic that city has, the spirit of getting our self in the move all the time, meeting others from different kind of life and talk to them. Once Frank Sinatra said in his song New York, New York - if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. I think that is really true, the city is rough and hard, it teaches us how to survive .... the bigger the city is, the more diverse the city is, the more we LEARN to survive.

But as I grow older, I don't know, sometimes I miss the life where time stops or all you know is sunset and sunrise. Everything move very slow and in accordance to your own mood. Hahahahahahaaa, that is why I am so happy to find this page on facebook, Living Off The Grid

This page has so many inspiring pictures of how living off the grid would be. I am sure these pictures are all real, meaning they are not photo-shop work. How awesome it is to actually living like that. However, I know in reality it is going to be hard, especially for the city dweller like me. To go off the grid, without electricity and public transportation, we need to so much energy and physical body fit to survive. 

Once when we were in New Zealand, me and hubby were thinking of moving there and spend the old retirement days there, but we laughed so hard at the end. What would we know about farming, fishing and gardening ...... Most of the folks in New Zealand living in that life style.

But I am not giving up my dream just like that. For me if I can not build this dream houses in real life, I build them in my virtual world. Yes! I build these houses inside my game. I love to gather real life inspiration to the game. I have an off grid life style inside my game ..... house by the sea and a nature pool behind my wooden house .... check out the video I made inside my game. 

So I am grateful enough to be able to continue my dream! I keep gathering pictures from this facebook page for my inspiration, when I have time, I will build them inside the game and probably sell them as usual ...

Cheers everyone! Happy Thursday from Singapore

Note: all the pictures above belong to the facebook page.


  1. I would love to live in a place similar to these photos! But well, as long as I have a Wifi connection hehe

    By the way, I moved (back) to and blog on Blogger now. :-)

    1. Hi Irene, how are you! Thank you for catching up. Yes, I noticed you moved to blogger now, I will add you to my follow list. thank you for checking over


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