Wednesday, December 11

Camper Van - Awesome things!

We always treasured our experience living inside the camper van for more than a week in New Zealand, click here to read about it more. However I am not going to talk about it here. I want to talk about how fun it is to see amazing and beautiful designs on the old vintage RV { camper van }. Some even make them into shops. Here are some of the amazing pictures I had collected.

and look at the interior inside, they are amazing too. I collect these pictures here in my pinterest.

and here some awesome videos I found for those who chose to live inside the camper van and open up business with it.

And what is so good about it, currently many of them are making their own stuffs and sells them in this manner. So it is a complete line of product, from producing it and sell it directly out from your hands. 

I love the spirit they have on starting up something and share the joy with the rest. Alright! Enjoy the holiday season ... cheers from Singapore.

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