Tuesday, December 3

End of year FREEBIES

I know it has been a long time I did not do any freebies. I am so sorry for that. I promise to do more of it next year. I have so much inspiration that I could use to create freebies. I also want to do give away next year as well. However for the gift away I probably will only distribute them for Singapore readers, the reason being is the mailing cost. I hope you understand.

How to download these freebies, easy, just right click on the picture and save it. You are free to use these for your own personal usage. They are not for commercial usage. Thank you.

Click here to download

the password for entering the file is : refinehere1213. Please let me know if you have trouble downloading these.

click here to download the file

Use the same password as above to enter the folder and downloading the file.

Alright! I hope you like them. Cheers from cloudy Singapore.

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