Monday, December 9

Instagram for the week

Last week is the bookish week. We spent our holiday budget on purchasing some precious books. Miza got her book vouchers too for winning the 8th smart drawing competition from Hong Kong. So yeah, we traveled a bit, hopping around book shops in the city area. It was a fun journey, we did it together, start from the time trying to find the direction to go to the places by public transportation and fighting over spaces to breathe inside the jam pack trains beating the rush hours. 

instagram - 1st week Dec from Refine Lubis on Vimeo.

and the following are some of the pictures I like from last week inside the Instagram. Those pictures are the ones which I though very special. I like many other pictures too, but I just could not fit them all in one blog post. 

and here is another one .... I still try to  find the way, the fastest possible way,  to actually display names of the Instagramers one by one for each of their pictures. I will do that next time. I need to spend more time inside the Instagram too, to actually looking for beautiful inspirations. In the meantime, let's deal with these first. 

Alright, happy Monday all ... cheers from Singapore.

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