Monday, December 2

it's December 2013

Time flies so fast, we are at the last month of this year, soon we will need to get used to the new year 2014. As usual I must pay attention on the year whenever I need to write down dates. However what I want to talk about here on this post is not about tips how not to forget to write the correct year next year. I want to talk "what I am going to do next year ......". What things I want to improve, what are the things I plan to do, some of my great inspiration from this year that I would probably hold on to as my inspiration. 

Next year will be my second year into Art journal, I have learnt so much through this year about working with this type of creative work. You can click here to check our first post for the first art journal project we have. I want to be more serious about it and probably will run class for it next year. I will try to have on site class and online class for this. My class will cover from the book binding process all the way on how to work on the pages. I am still collating ideas and inspirations on this. I had taken some online classes and on site classes for art journal and book binding.

Despite all these plans for next year there are few important things that I need to pay attention MORE. First is my daughter study, I need to help her to go back to her original grading ( the last semester of this year is not so good compare to her performance since the first year of school all the way today), but thanks God because her first semester result she is still fall under first band category. But I can not let it slack down and take it for granted. I have to allocate my energy to this as well, in fact this is my priority. Secondly, I need to stay fitter and exercise more. I will swim regularly starting next year. The swimming pool is so nearby the house, I can easily go there after sending my daughter to school before I start my regular mundane house work, hobby and cooking. This must be done! I need to stay healthy, I still have a lot of things to do and catch up in life, my daughter is only 9 years old :) Staying fit is one secret of survival. 

Okay! I wish you all the best for this month and may all your wishes and plans for next year come to realization. Cheers from Singapore.

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