Saturday, December 28

it's New Year .... 2014

Time flies very fast, it is the end of 2013. It is only another two days to go to 2014. I would like to end this year with this post. It is somehow a documentary of what I am planning to do next year. Usually when you write it down, you feel like you had sealed the purpose and ready to act on it. There are not much to achieve, I try to keep it simple and as realistic as possible. I always have to work based on priority, I don't have all the times for my self anymore, I am a mom, a housewife ... my hands are tight everyday.

So let's keep it simple.

Staying Fit 

I need a lot of energies to run my things everyday. Doing housework, commuting by public transport as well as allocating times for hobbies require so much energy. I can be easily drowning and harming my health if I am not careful with this. So next year I plan to cycle more and swimming ..... I will cycle to the train station every morning with daughter to send her to school. I will cycle back and forth sending her to school as well as returning home from train station. It will be 4 rides every day, from Monday to Friday. And I will swim in between the time before really returning home to do housework. I will try to make it three times a week to swim, the swimming pool is so near to my house. I have at least some hours everyday before I have to leave the house again to pick up my daughter.

Staying Creative

I need to go back to be active on creating stuffs next year. I have neglected it because I am short of energies toward the end of the year. So I really have to go back to this. There are so much I plan to make next year. I will redo my blog design once again as well as all my other social media platforms. I also plan to start teaching stuff at home and create more stuffs to sell online. If possible I want to look for part time job that I can do from home. I have seen few options out there that I can manage easily from home. Administration jobs, managing small projects and stuffs while doing my hobby too. I also will do more YouTube videos next year and more quality on my instagram pictures. I have to be focus and manage my priorities well. Quality should be the aim NOT quantity.

Go back to Reading

I am going back to read more books next year. I challenged my self to read 100 books this year and change it around October to 60 books, and still I can not complete them. I am short by 4 books roughly by the end of this year, so sad. I plan to read 70 books next year. I can do this while commuting inside the public transport, while waiting for my daughter or before sleep. I should do this, reading give me so much depth on understanding things around me. I read variety of subject, and I promise myself to write review for every books I had completed in GoodRead. I will manage my budget properly, which books I can afford to buy and which books I can only afford to borrow.

Spiritual Enlightenment

It is a shame to actually asking someone to do something, without me doing it myself. I believe in spiritual life. It is an anchor for us to stay strong in any given condition in life. I proofed that myself, during the most difficult times in my life, in the past, my prays that keep me strong and come out from the trouble at the end. My faith keeps me strong and grounded to stay true to myself. During my prays I actually can do a deep self reflection. I want to inspire my daughter with this. The only way to be someone else's inspiration is to do role modeling myself. Beside, I believe spiritual strength will keep us at bay with peace and tranquility. So, Yes this is something I want to do next year.

Be Financial Savvy

I need to manage my pocket money properly next year. Time to do proper budgeting for my expenses. I need to review one more time my monthly expenses, i.e. running my blog, my membership and subscription. I need to review them one more time whether I really need them. I need to manage my cloud data storage as well, I am tired of being hard broken with a broken hard disk. So much works had been damaged just like that because of my personal hard disk is broken. I will also be extra careful with my expenses for hobbies, I love to buy books, gadgets and art materials. I need to revisit them once again. I also signed up a lot of online classes last year, this year I need to budget that triple extra. It is time to actually create things based on what I had learned last year. If possible I gain my money back from actually teaching the skills myself. Oh! all of this requires times and dedication ..... I hope I can manage them well.

I think those are all the things I want to do next year. It is not much, but It covers the whole about me for next year. How about you, do you plan anything for next year? I wish you all the best for next year and thank you for reading this post. Happy New Year ... and cheers from Singapore.


  1. I haven't written my plans/resolutions for 2014 yet. May you be able to fulfill all of these, my friend, because I'm sure it's not easy to balance life being a mom, a housewife, etc. All the best to you! ♡ :-)

    1. hi Irene, Happy New Year! Some said creative people does not need any plan for a new year, they will get up and get on the gear in auto mode. cheers :)


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