Monday, December 30

New Blog Theme for 2014

It is all started with this picture. I wanted something cute, sweet, presenting my work and the color that my daughter choose. My daughter loves teal or turquoise, she suggested me to use this color for the theme. So after flipping through some of my works I think of this picture as the base for the inspiration. And Voila .... Finally I finished the whole thing about creating theme for my 2014 social media platform.

I finished the main template for about 6 hours, it used to take me up to five days to create them. Things are getting easier as I have been doing this for sometimes. I know exactly what I want to make, where I can get my resources and what tools I need to use. So ... Yes! Experience paid off. I actually lost a lot of my clip arts and digital works as my hard disk is broken once again. So, I have to create everything from scratch again on this theme, from scanning, cropping, tweaking and all the jazz to work with the theme digitally.I am quite happy with the result. My daughter approved it too :)

I also change the whole things around my other social media platform too. I love to make them in sync with the theme. Some said, this is a part of personal branding in social media. This is just the first initial design, I don't even have time to do my selfie. I need to work more on my profile picture, I will do that when time allows.

This is my facebook page. I also change all the tab's buttons to make them in sync with this shabby looking vintage turquoise wood plank. I need to set up my ETSY shop once again, organize the items once again since I had lost all my digital works :( I am so sad, but I learnt my lesson well. There is no easy thing in life, we need to be neat and detail when come to creative work. How we organize our folder, file and naming them are important, as we will work with all these resources later. I learnt and learnt, everyday I learn new things from the mistakes I had committed. 

The next thing I want to do is to link all my social media platforms properly once again. So I can manage the posting easily. I just have to post from one source and it will be distributed accordingly to the rest of the social media platforms I have. I used to use Hootsuite but I have to pay for that. I want to cut down my expenses on the virtual world. So I want to find out how I can do that FREELY ..... 

Next year I will be less chatty on my personal facebook. I want to dedicate my facebook for things that related to social issues and general information. Basically my facebook is my news! I will use my regular rambling and chatting on twitter, it is more for my social network in the virtual world. I will link my twitter to my facebook page. 

I love YouTube, I love making videos and upload it here. I learn to make short video clip and animated them. It was fun journey to learn that, and I will continue to improve on this too. I will try my best to keep uploading my art process into YouTube and share it accordingly to twitter, facebook page and Google+. Since I am the partner for YouTube since last June 2013, so it is quite awesome to actually have ads on my YouTube channel, maybe one day I can really draw earning from here. Who Knows ? I can not afford vimeo, we have to pay for membership, so I keep vimeo to the minimum. 

Oh well ... I am glad, I had checked out one thing from my list things to do before year end 2013. Life is indeed meaningful when we have things to look out for and DO ..... It keeps the spirit alive! 

Happy New Year Awesome Folks once again .... cheers from Singapore.

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