Tuesday, December 31

Some blogs I love from this year ....

I love blog hopping. I think it is fun to actually see what other bloggers do with their blogs. Some of them are really creative and very very inspiring. I follow some of them for few years now, I see how they grow inside the social media. They are not just blogging, they mix other things they love about in life with blogging. Some of them are making money too out from their blogs. I know it is not an easy journey or glamorous journey like many others might think out there. It takes dedication, commitment and passion .... to stay consistently blogging and venturing new things during the journey. 

On this post, I would like to share some of the bloggers that I adore out there. There are many others, but it is impossible to actually list them one by one. I have a category here, Blog ILove, you can actually click on that and see who are the others. I keep updating this category here and there.

I like them because of their creativity, originality and consistency. It is a pretty simple category really, but I see these qualities what take blogger to the next level, based on how I experience my life with blogging. Consistency is the key, it is a spirit of continuously moving forward regardless the hassle we face. It is not easy, it takes a whole lot discipline and mood control, considering most of them here are ladies :)

Okay let see who they are, I provide the link to their blog just below their picture so you can easily jump to their blogs and see them for yourself.

Click here to visit the blog

Dana is the lady behind this blog "WonderForest", one thing I can assure you is that she started Instagram way after me. I remember she only has half of my followers but between few moths she multiply it. She speed up very fast inside Instagram, and few of her secret is not just because beautifully crafted pictures inside the Instagram but , it is also her totally cute and awesome application on iPhone. All girls love this apps, I think this apps trending in Japan. Check out her blog to find out more about it. Dana is a super multi tasking girl really. She is not just blogging, she owns shop for her digital graphic works. She designs blogs template for others and she sells ready made templates as well. She inspire me to learn blogging deeply by dealing with HTML codes. I signed to her blogging class and read her tips there. One of it is actually to get out there and crack those HTML code. That is the only way to make our blog personalized to our need.

Click here to visit the blog
Kaylah is the lady behind this blog. She has been blogging for quite a long time I guess. She has huge followers in Instagram and Tumblr. One thing very unique about her is her hair color. She keeps changing them from time to time sometimes, it really matches the season. I love her blog. It is calm, pretty, sweet and consistent. I think Kaylah is a very discipline girl, if you look at her life in general, she is very neat. The way she arranges her colors, her template design, her work station at home, her hobby of painting nails, her walk to the beach and takes the picture of all her findings on the beach tell me a lot about how neat she is ...... Click here if you want to visit her blog and see it yourself. 

Click here to visit the blog
The next one will be Mary Ann Moss, She is my book binding guru, I took the online class from her and learn how to book binding anything into one book. She stitch, sew, travel, draw, art journal, love arts, love her family and has an awesome life by the beach. The first time I tumble upon her blog, I love how she records her life experience during travel into a journal book. You should see them here, click here. I can tell there are so much she took in to do those collections. I am sure it is her passion that drive that. It is amazing! I also love browsing her blog, she collects poems on her blog and her collections is wonderful to read, plus she adds pictures of the beaches where she was at that time. I think I want to live like her one day when I really retire ......

Alright! I think those are the 3 that I always adore to visit .... Their blog is not just about selling their things, It is about them too, and that one thing I really appreciate from them. Cheers all .... Happy New Year, from the cloudy morning in Singapore. 

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