Saturday, January 11

My sketch for the week

I love to draw something, just spend 30 min of so, just to play with colors on paper and draw out what is inside our mind at that particular moment. There is nothing extra ordinary about it or any expectation out of it. I just let it out .... Sometimes I feel better after that. 

I share what I drew this week and some short meaning I gave to each one of them. 

These are mostly done at home, or sometimes outside while I am waiting for my daughter. I carry a small bag full of drawing materials for me. I love water colors the most because it is very easy to handle when I am travelling. 

I also draw in a small size sketch book, { 4X6 inch}. I usually carry around my sketch book and small water colors pallets. 


  1. Your drawings are so pretty, Refine! I enjoyed looking at them, they are very inspiring! And your new blog layout is gorgeous! :-)

    1. Hi Irene ... thank you so much, I always enjoy doing up my blog :)


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