Wednesday, January 1

New Year Eve at Universal Studio Singapore

So we spend some hours at Universal Studio Singapore some hours before the clock hit to the new year of 2014. It is really crowded, so many visitors from overseas visiting the place. The line is very long for almost every ride, we can not really enjoy the ride, but we do manage to get into Transformer, Mummy Ride, Far Far Away 4D, Madagascar Ride and watch the Rockefeller street dancers who are always full of energy. However in the brighter side, the crowded the park would be the better it is to help the local economy growing. 

Afterwards will be all the photos I take from Universal Studio. Beware! It is many of them below as I just get my Canon EOS from hubby as a new year gift. So I take this opportunity to actually test the camera and have fun with it. It is not easy to work with DSLR, I still need to learn a lot how to adjust the function in order to get the best shot. So .... Here are some of practices, I take some night photos as well to taste how sharp a DSLR camera would be. Enjoy ......

Thank you, may you all have a wonderful start for the new year. Cheers from Singapore.

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