Tuesday, January 7

Soft Tone Photography

I always want to master this skill of taking soft tone photography. I know some of the basic requirements are having the right sunlight over the object as well as mastering the good photo editing. There are few photographers that are very good with this. I know one of them is, Andrea McClain, click here for her blog and here for her facebook page. You can also check the beautiful blog of Magda Mizera blog, she is consistently use the soft-tone for her theme and photography. Click here to check her blog. 

But not too worry, inside the pinterest there are huge collections of this beautiful theme of photography. One of them that I have been following belong to Betty Jo Martin, I took all these pictures from her collection inside the pinterest. You can click here to check her collections. 

It is very possible to do the soft-tone in Instagram as long as we have a good picture to start with. There are application out there that allow us to add sunlight to soft tone the pictures as well as changing the colors of the pictures. I have not done it for quite sometime in Instagram. I might explore this option again someday. 

Alright! If you love soft-tone photography, it is good to check out the link I provided above. Happy Days everyone, cheers from Singapore

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