Monday, February 3

Font Lovers out there!

I love and love playing with font out there, especially with Instagram. There are so many amazing applications out there on iTune store which I believe Android will have too. Some of them are premade quotes that use creative curated fonts like Rhonna Design, which is one my favorite apps.

If you go to pinterest there are so many sample of good usage of creative font. Click here to see my quotes collection on pinterest.  And here are some of them that I took from Pinterest. 

click here for source

 I am also collecting beautiful font types out there on pinterest. Some are digital generated and some are hand drawing. Click here to visit them.

click here for source

Lastly there is one good tip on Pinterest on how to use creative font effectively, how to actually mix them and combine them in one outstanding piece. Check out this article : The art of combining Font 

Thank you for reading my blog, Happy New Year! Cheers from Singapore

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