Monday, February 24

Made with love for a special friend

Facebook had helped me connected with my long lost friends from all over the world. There are friends I met during my school days in Indonesia and New York. There are also those whom I met along the way during my working time where I traveled quite a bit. Emi is one of my friend from school time, we have been friends close to 20 years now. She lives in Japan now as she is married to a Japanese. I think she is more a Japanese now than an Indonesian, she has spent more than half of her life in Japan.

She lives in Fukuoka, that is why I never met her every time I went to Japan. I mostly stayed in Tokyo when I was in Japan. I hope one day to visit her in Fukuoka. It is a beautiful place in Japan near the sea .....

I made these two special cards using the left over fabrics. I just collage and hand sew them layer by layer on top of hard cover paper. I think this is quite fun, I probably will make some more of this, combine with my drawing. My daughter saw me made this yesterday, she wanted to try it too once she has more free time. 

We can make this into a card, a magnetic card, a hanging card, book mark ... you name it. There are many things we can do by using this concept. Fun Fun ... I am looking forward to make more .....

Cheers everyone to this beautiful Monday from Singapore :)


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