Wednesday, March 26

Busy busy days ahead!

There is nothing greater in life, but to be busy. Being busy making me in check and looking forward for days ahead. I think this is good, a positive energy running through our blood that keep pumping our boredom out of the way :p 

I always tell my daughter this : "Keep yourself busy, looking out for something to do or create, planning something, kick out some new project or what ever". If you see a lot of content creators out there especially in the social media world are busy people. They are busy creating something out from their little corner somewhere on earth. You hardly feel lonely like this. I rather be busy doing something or creating something instead of forcing myself to be around people that I am not comfortable with.

First of all, I do not like to gossip or talk about somebody else. I do not like to compare things around with friends around. I do not like people invading my privacy by bombarding questions that I am not comfortable with. If we are not careful there are more noisy people around compare to the genuine ones. Some said, the older we are the more selective we are on making friends. I agree! We need to focus on our energy and time. Especially so if you are a housewife like me, I am doing everything myself so I really need to maintain my time wisely.

I love social media so much. There are so much creative works I can do from here or learn. Social Media especially blogging forces me to learn many things out  there. Most of them are online learning, and they are all awesome. I learn to draw, to build my own blog, now I want to explore photoshop skills. I want to make a nice nice video :)

So Yes! I am busy because International Friendship day is coming. This is a yearly celebration from my daughter's school. Since last year, I am in charged for Indonesia's corner. I am glad I did collect some traditional stuffs from Indonesia for display. I am going to create more props for our photo booth section as well as some paper dolls for the girls to play around. Time to hit my pencils, paints and brushes ...... I am so looking forward for this.

Indonesia is a beautiful country rich of natural resources, cultures, food and amazing landscape. If we ever go back to Indonesia again for beach theme holiday, we are sure going to hit Lombok instead of Bali. Click here to read our last holiday to Lombok..

How about you? How are your days ahead? I hope you are busy like I am ... stay positive and cheers from Singapore.

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