Friday, March 28

Freebies! Photo Props

I made these some photo props yesterday. It was an awesome experiment to come up with this. I hope the girls from my daughter's school will love this. This is for the International Friendship Day that will be held next week in the school. I created this for one of our booth where kids can have their photos taken with their friends using our Polaroid camera. We have been doing this for sometimes now, they can have option to wear the traditional costumes too. We have dresses from Korea, China, Indonesia, India and many others.

I basically created all of these using my PicMonkey and Photoshop. Once I am happy with the designs then I paint them using water colors. During the process I found out that my paper does not work well with water color, I guess this normal printer paper is not water base. I suggest you to use marker or inkpen to color them. 

You can play around with colors and patterns to decorate these picture before you cut them. It is better to color them before we trim the pictures, it is much easier. I use the satay stick that I bought from the nearest groceries market. I glue them tightly to the pictures once they are trimmed. The glasses is a bit tricky, as we have to make the whole in the middle, use paper cutter will help the process.

I made this signature chat bubble too .... We plan to keep these props for next usage as well. We always have photo booth session almost every occasions. And to make the whole thing more awesome for you .... I make the FREEBIES. Yes!!! Especially for you .... 

And here is a video from YouTube that can help you with the process of making it. The video shows you the whole process from start to end. You can skip the drawing part by downloading the ones I have. Thank you for checking my blog. Cheers from Singapore.

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