Sunday, March 30

Instagram Application - Rhonna Design

I am a big fan of Rhonna Design application when come to my Instagram photo editing. Click here to check my Instagram account. I am just in love with her and her team creativity when come on creating all these beautiful stickers {what we called it } to apply on our Instagram photo. She even comes up with some ready made quotation that we can use on our photo. 

Updatev: v1.8(iPhone) & 1.3.2 (Android) Rhonna Designs App from Rhonna Designs on

This apps is always active with new update, almost every month she came up with a new design. We can have an option to download the new version by purchasing it at USD $ 1.28 for about 4 pack of theme design with at least 12 stickers for each. It is really a good deal. Click here for her iTune download. 


In Instagram we have few active tag dedicated for rhonna design. #rhonnadesigns  #heyrhonna   #rhonnadesigns_app. If you happen to join the fun, do not forget to tag your Instagram picture to these tags. You can also have many new inspiration from pictures that had been posted there.

and this is Rhonna's link for her blog and her product blog.  Alright! Have fun all, Happy week end. Cheers from Singapore. 

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