Tuesday, March 11

Movie : Dallas Buyers Club

I watched it yesterday. It was a long story, I wanted to watch Blue Jasmine, I traveled all the way to Great World City to find out Blue Jasmine is at 9.25 PM. Oh my!!!! I hated to travel back to Pasir Ris, so I decided to roam around Orchard a bit and end up at Shaw to watch Dallas Buyers Club. Well, this movie is on my list anyway, so no hard feeling here, in fact I am glad I did it. I want to watch this movie because two of the stars are the Oscar winners for this year. And I have to say, they deserve it .... Outstanding performance, especially Jared Leto. His acting as rayon is amazing, he masters it fully, especially how he talks in the movie. His eyes are just beautiful here!

I am not going to tell you the story, there has been synopsis for this movie all over the internet, click here if you want to read one.  What I am going to share here is how I feel after the movie screen turned to black, what is my take from this movie and what touched me or reminded me of life after this movie. 

This movie is an absolute watch to understand how wild and diverse the life we have out there. There are those who make their choices and there are those who never make the choice at all. Rayon said that nicely in the movie .... "It was not a choice dad! God helps you with that I have Aids", my tears feel when I watched the conversation between rayon and his father, and everything after that about Rayon is just sad until finally he died of aids.

I know this world is no longer easy as before, everything happens to someone, it might be a result of something before the person. Even for Ron, his actions are probably the cause of his frustration about life, he lost the meaning of life that he took his life for granted and the last thing he knows he has 30 days to live, and that is how the story kick in. 

I am actually speechless, It is a mix feeling how I will put my words into this movie. But what I like how Ron, chooses to live and strive from it instead of slowly inviting death to his bed. I love to see his spirit to actually help many other people who are suffering from aids, while he himself is suffering from it. I love how he reflect life in a different way and change the way he sees life. Sometimes, misfortune in life did change the way we perceive life. I love his empathy toward others after he found out about aids. In fact he made his brother to greet rayon politely, this is a brave move, considering being gay, transgender are subject to public humiliation at that time. this is in the 80's.

What is my take from here, simple, who am I to judge others. Whom am I to quickly labeled someone because of their misfortune. There is always two side of stories that we do not understand or allowed to see. We probably are not able to change their misfortune in life, we have no power or braveness to do so, just like how Dr. Eve Staks feels in this movie, she has no power to do anything. She knows exactly what is going on, but she is bound to the rule to the majority voices that choose otherwise instead of helping victims of aids. Her character is probably the same to most of us out there, we see the suffering, we see how unfair life is, we see people are falling down as a victim, but there is nothing we can do. I would not judge her action as wrong either, she herself is surviving for her own life, her own dream, her own wish and everything she would love to embrace from life. Probably Dr. Eve Staks falls under those who guard their life carefully in order to stay afloat. She finished her education as a doctor and she has a job, but as a human there is a limit to keep our sanity, she decided to help Ron at the end even-though she is warned that she might lost her job.

This movie lay out nicely what it takes to have empathy in life. No matter who you are, those who are floating above the water, drawn under the water or dive deep down inside the water ... we are here sharing the ocean together, it is nice to reach out and help, if you can't at least be nice.

I think this is the first time I review a movie on this blog. Oh well, I try to do this regularly as I watch movie quite a lot too. I want to document what I have seen in life and share it to others. Cheers everyone!

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