Thursday, April 3

Movie Review : Saving Mr. Banks

Who does not know Mary Poppins? Maybe most of us know Mary Poppins according to Disney's version of the movie with the classic Julie Andrews acting as Mary. 

But maybe not many had read the original book written by P.L Travis. From this movie "Saving Mr. Bank" we understand a bit more about who is the lady behind the classical Disney movie Mary Poppins. We get to know P.L Travis a little bit closer, her tough personality and her love to the detail and demure style of an English lady at that time. We see how it was tough for Disney to convince the lady to let him produce the story into a movie. P.L Travis held the story Mary Poppins dearly to her heart, there is a specific reason for that, because in a way this is the story of her childhood, something that was terribly happened to her life in the past that she keeps carrying it forward.

It is interesting to see how Disney finally was able to convince Travis and gave Mary Poppins to him. It was not an easy journey for all the producers behind the movie to work with Travis. And that is the interesting part of the movie to actually see how Travis work with the rest of Disney team.

In general we enjoy the movie {me and my daughter}, we did cry a bit here and there because of the story between Travis and her beloved Father. 

This is also a good way to have a peek on how the movie production took place in the past. The process of starting up the project. It started out with script writer, discussing the character, the wardrobes, the scene, the music and on and on until the premier night.  This long before computer or digital animation like today.

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